GF Around The World Cooking

Learn to cook delicous recipes, meet other families managing celiac, and have your kids make you dinner!


What a fantastic week!  My daughter learned so many new recipes and we all had such a great time watching her cook and of course enjoying the delicious meals.   You both did an incredible job putting the camp together and we would love to attend a future camp.

I have been a high school teacher for 22 years and I think I know quality teens when I see them. The camp was extremely well thought out and organized and the recipes and teaching styles were what I would expect from professional adult chefs/educators.

My daughter really enjoys cooking and loved the cooking class! She looked forward to it each day, and was thrilled to prepare dinner for us all week. Caroline and Paloma made sure everyone was on the same step, and that they encouraged conversation between participants. I was really impressed with how well organized everything was, from the color-coded shopping list to the daily emails, and the perfectly timed cooking sessions. I also loved the daily themes with the photo and story intro, and the foods which were family-friendly but did not shy away from flavor! I thought the class was exceptional all around.

Weekly Classes

Perfect for a busy household during the school year with kids who want to learn to cook!

  • Five week session
  • Weekly 2 hour class
  • 3:30-5:30 PM PST Sunday Evenings
  • Explore cuisines from five different continents
  • Introduce picky eaters to new foods
  • Enjoy dinners as a family on Sunday night!

$50 /  5-week session

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Summer Camp

A one-week introduction to GF cooking and baking

  • Daily class for one week
  • 5 2-hour classes
  • Foods from four different countries
  • Keep your kids occupied around the house
  • Enjoy delicious recipes
  • Learn about different cultures and cuisines

$50 / 1-week session

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