Around the World Cooking with Caroline and Paloma

Learn to cook delicious recipes, and have your kids make you dinner!

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SCEF Collaboration

We are excited to offer our next couple class sets in collaboration with the San Carlos Education Foundation, a non-profit fundraising organization that helps the San Carlos School District provide funding for teachers, a mental health safety net, music and art programs, and additional support to create a well-rounded public education for all students during distance learning.

65% of your ticket price will go to help support their cause.


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My daughter really enjoys cooking and loved the cooking class! She looked forward to it each day, and was thrilled to prepare dinner for us all week. Caroline and Paloma made sure everyone was on the same step, and that they encouraged conversation between participants. I was really impressed with how well organized everything was, from the color-coded shopping list to the daily emails, and the perfectly timed cooking sessions. I also loved the daily themes with the photo and story intro, and the foods which were family-friendly but did not shy away from flavor! I thought the class was exceptional all around.

Parent of a Summer Camp student










What a fantastic experience!  My daughter learned so many new recipes and we all had such a great time watching her cook and of course enjoying the delicious meals. You both did an incredible job putting the camp together and we would love to attend a future camp.

Parent of a Fall Class Series student






I have been a high school teacher for 22 years and I think I know quality teens when I see them. The camp was extremely well thought out and organized and the recipes and teaching styles were what I would expect from professional adult chefs/educators.

Parent of a Summer Camp Student



Upcoming Event Schedule

Sundays, February 7 & 21

3:45-5:45pm PST


Saturday, February 13

9-11am PST



Spring Class Series

Learn how to make delicious recipes, and enjoy two Sunday dinners and a Valentine’s brunch!



Are your classes still Gluten-Free?

Although we are now advertising regular cooking classes, our recipes and class set-up are effectively very similar to Gluten Free classes we’ve had in the past in collaboration with the Celiac Foundation of Northern California. Caroline, one of the teachers, has celiac disease, and all recipes are easily made GF with any 1 to 1 flour blend– we provide specific substitutions and information on that.


What’s the age range?

There is no official age limit, we’ve had students from ages 5-16. Generally the younger the kids, the more assistance they need from parents.


Do I have to buy the ingredients?

Yes. We provide a shopping list in advance with notes and links to Instacart so you can shop quickly and easily for any missing ingredients.